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I realize we’ve all recently spoken of naruto-warrior or whatever the name is. And how it was mentioned a lot of her stuff is likely either traced or heavily referenced. And with her most recent deviation I noticed the style looked a hell of a lot like TheCau’s style, and sure enough when I went through her gallery I found the similar pose. They don’t line up exactly, so it isn’t a trace although the heads are quite literally the same shape, so it was likely partially traced and/or heavily referenced.

Ah, I see what you mean. There’s definitely a lot of referencing going on, though with the overlays it looks like certain parts were definitely traced. The parts she drew in different positions still look fine and the coloring is good, but I can’t deny that there’s some tracing. :\

Thanks for showing us this, I wouldn’t have even noticed the style similarity.


Anonymous asked:

Invaderpie here! Sorry, i decided to stop with that account and moved, but i'll try to submit! SOrry for the trouble!

Ah, okay. No problem, and I see your submission. I’ll check it out. :D

I know this blog is much serious business indeed so I have brought back an old OC. His name is NotZImorDib and he is actually not an irken, he’s a human/vortian but he killed an irken and lives inside it’s body. He’s also completely white and has the word green in green on his forehead. He also has 143738 girlfriends and 2 boyfriends… .-. I personally think he is very normal. Oh, and he eats people… and has giant boobs on the back of his head… I also used a base I drew myself just for this… He also died so that’s kinda tragic…

he’s gorgeous omg *pats*

The art’s not bad, it’s just… Invaders do not wear outfits like that. This kind of thing is more befitting someone of a very high status, perhaps political or just plain famous (actress, singer, etc.). With the way it looks, it would only be a hindrance to her mission.

Her antennae look okay though I think they should be curlier, and I don’t understand that piece of… hair? that is falling over one eye. It’s the exact same color of her skin and is somehow transparent enough to see the eye through? Irkens don’t have anything like that.

I feel like she’d look better if that hair poof were removed and her outfit was replaced with something more befitting an Invader.

At least she looks better now than she used to. Apparently she once had a tail, unless she still has it and it’s just not visible in this picture.

(it took me a while to find her picture in my folder, there are waaay too many OCs that are Invaders. Come on people get more creative, Invaders are an elite group and there aren’t many of them, if the Assigning is anything to go by. Most military irkens would likely have other professions)


Anonymous asked:

*cough cough*invaderpie's single oc*cough cough* aka self submission*cough cough* (I've gotten better, but not on digital art because I need to get a tablet to use.)

Is that the username? Because I looked it up as it is and with a dash in the middle and both accounts were dead with no comments and nothing submitted at all. D:


Anonymous asked:

according to gp leader: *eye twitches* InvaderMAr is 1 of the IZ fanfic pillars. she was the 1st to match up Zim with someone - that is just too gosh darn funny.

I doubt she’s the first. And she won’t be the last. People have been pairing Zim up with their kawaii OCs since dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Can we all just agree that GPLeader is an idiot? Yes motion carried, meeting adjourned.


Anonymous asked:

Have you come across MandarkLover on deviantART? If not, I envy you.

I don’t think so but I’m about to.

and I immediately see in the tagline that she’s ‘Tallest Red’s Wife’ sigh

…what is it with people and writing their stories in their journals, that is not what journals are for. deviantART supports text submissions! Do people just not realize that or are they purposely abusing the journal system in some kind of attempt to get more people to read it?

Anyway, character is a Sue who always has the hottie times with Red and he’s always OOC for her and there’s absolutely no context to how they even know each other, moving along nothing to see here. (trying to figure out why she has hair, irkens don’t have hair as I’ve yelled again and again)

Though the people leaving her hateful comments like that just need to stop. There’s being bluntly critical, like telling them the art itself isn’t good and is in need of improvement, but telling a person they suck and that they should kill themselves is awful and over the line.

I do find it amusing though that she assumes when someone doesn’t like her art, they’re just jealous and worse at drawing than she is. Ahaha no, that’s not how it works. Usually it’s good artists who recognize that you don’t have talent (at least not now) and tell you so truthfully. Truth hurts but you can’t expect people to tell you your art’s good when it’s not. Which do you prefer, an inconvenient truth or a comforting lie? I’ll take the truth any day.


Anonymous asked:

On the subject of naruto-warriors-oc, call it an artist's intuition, I've had a very 'off' feeling toward her since I first saw her around. Also have confirmed the same feeling between some fellow artists. I could be mistaken here, but I thought it'd be at least alright to get some input. I understand an artist can have multiple styles, but her art varies drastically between style and quality, coupled with the sheer abundance in which she posts, which makes me feel it's traced or heavily ref'd.

I think she may be heavily referencing. The colors and general style are recognizable as hers, but with a glance through the gallery I can see what you mean. I wish I could talk to her but from what I can tell, her English isn’t very good and I don’t want there to be any miscommunications.

I’ll just keep an eye on her, I suppose.


Anonymous asked:

Naruto-warriors-oc's gallery makes me cringe and die a little inside...

Yeah… her art is like really good, I just wish there was more depth to her characters besides, “two really pretty girls with flowing locks dating Zim and Dib”. Like… what are their personalities and backstories, how did they even meet the main characters, how and why did they start dating, WHY DOES ZIM PUT UP WITH IT, and… I can’t even.

I could be wrong but now people of “gypsy” decent do use the word to describe themselves.  Its not as much as a slur as it is a stigma in Europe.  People do not like gypsies (though America seems to adore them) and in the UK its hard for them to find venues and places that will serve them.  Gypsy now means traveler, and is often someone of Romani or Hungarian decent (they aren’t just 1 race but those are their believed origins).  The word Gypsy came around in the 16th century from the word ‘Gipcyan’, which meant Egyptian.

I did do some research with Crystal (though her accent is unique because I imagine Irken Gypsies wouldn’t be the same as those on Earth).  Gypsies are heavily discriminated on and stay in school until age 10 or 11, which is replicated in her past.  She’d likely be the equivalent to a ‘Rom’ Gypsy, which were the ones to often get jobs as fortune tellers.

Gypsies are disliked for their tendancies to fight (as of recent) but mainly and always for speaking and looking different.  I, again, replicated the harassment of others in MC’s past.

Well yes, but just because people may reclaim a term for themselves, it doesn’t mean others should call them that. That’d be as bad as me, being white, calling someone the N word. It’s just not my place to use such terms.

It does seem that you’ve done research but I just figured I’d warn you, I know many people don’t take well to that word being thrown around so much.


Anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Nedrian's Irken OCs? Whichever one you feel like looking at is fine, but Ned would be a good place to start.

Oh goodness she’s a PewDiePie fan, I can only wonder what kind she is. Oh well, Internet brofist to her.

OOHHH MY GOSH I KNOW NED. D: At one time she was a Sue, I think, but it says this is an updated ref so let’s see.


Oh geeze. Possessed, an impossible hybrid (how can irkens AND Meekrob AND humans all be compatible like that), and apparently murdered her whole crew when she was a military leader despite you know people in the military being very well trained and should have been able to stop her. And she did it just to get the Tallest’s attention, wow such edge much violent. (because buying them a delicious box of nachos wouldn’t have had the same effect on them I guess)

Also why is her tongue blue, irkens don’t have blue tongues, they’re purplish. Also crazy antennae. Even if she’s apparently got human and Meekrob in there somehow, I doubt the genes would be significant enough to actually make her blood and tongue somehow blue like that. Humans don’t have that coloring, and the Meekrob are a much paler, less saturated kind of blue.

and of course she apparently has ‘goes to Earth’ if she has a human form. I can only hope that’s just a disguise and not her literally being able to transform into a human. Is there some kind of Animorphs-esque morphing technology in the IZ universe we don’t know about? D:

In all, still a Sue, I am disappoint. I know I usually base my judgments on backstories and not just designs, but there was no more info about how the heck she’s like this, so I can only go on appearance. And just from what’s on the ref, she’s way too much.

My thoughts? Make her fully one species, or even just half and half, not a mix of like three that I doubt are compatible enough. Make her have relevant coloring to whatever species she is, and get rid of the whole ‘possessed’ thing unless you can somehow do it in a way that’s not terribly cliche. And rethink that ‘murdered her whole crew’ thing because unless she literally blew up their ship from somewhere else, I doubt they would let her get away with that. Even in our human military, if a superior suddenly went crazy and tried to kill his soldiers, they would subdue him. And then probably dishonorably discharge that fool. I can’t imagine irkens being much different.

So yeah, Ned definitely needs work. :\

Psssst, here’s my gypsy.  She’s half demon.  So yeah I’ll just leave Madame Crystal (yes shes a fortune teller named crystal) right here where she belongs.

She has horribly sue traits, but I’ve made it work for her so far, I think.  Even if not, it makes her a whole lot of fun and I can accept shes far from canon.  Her antennae aren’t too crazy.  (they hang down and look like this: b d  )

She’s a special kind of bad, but her backstory (way too long to type, I could try to write it if you wanted it but I’m letting her species do the talking) makes up for it I hope.

(also in “real life” her breasts would be big because she is wide and “thick” but I can’t draw that well.  Also this is assuming irkens would have breasts.  They would technically be proportionate to her weight, not just big boobs for sex appeal.  She’s older but hefty people don’t wrinkle as much because fat fills it in.  I did my homework on that at least)

Ah, interesting. Thanks for sharing. :D

But also I’d be careful about using the term g*psy because it’s considered to be a racial slur. I can’t fully explain it myself but I know it’s offensive, so you could probably look into why on your own.


Anonymous asked:

It seems I can't find any bad OCs to post here, I don't want you guys to diiiiiie

I know that feel. I’m sure I could find OCs, but it seems when you want to, everyone suddenly stops posting bad ones. D: Or I find ones that could work but there’s absolutely no description given so they could maybe be good but just have an odd appearance. Ahh it’s not easy running this type of blog.

yourfaceispurty asked:

shit, how do you submit?

You just click on the link that says Submit Your Horrors and choose whether you’re uploading text or a picture from the dropdown menu. I recommend using the photo option. And then you click on the box that says ‘choose a photo’ and upload from your computer. Rest assured, after it’s been submitted you can delete the picture from your own computer, if you don’t want to keep it.

You can add a caption if you like (but try to be helpful in your criticism rather than blatantly rude) and then you check the relevant tags.

After clicking that you understand the Terms of Service, you should then be able to submit. I just recently tested the submit box and it works, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

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